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The deadline for handing the submission files to the administration will be in march 30, 2015.

The applicant should be from Sudanese Universities staff.

The required documents in the submission file:

  1. Enhance Speech from Indonesian embassy (After completing the file and send itto the embassy, the embassy signed a letter attached with the submission file).
  1. The age should not be more than 35 years old.
  1. 2academics letter of recommendation.
  2. Bachelor certificate  +Details certificate(in English language).
  3. TOEFL exam certificate.
  4. A copy of the passport (information page) or birth certificate.
  5. Complete the electronic submission on the Indonesian scholarship website.

  6. Health certificate.

The enclosed form in the website that appears in the table should be filled.


Sudanese  institutions of higher education and scientific research .

Republic of Indonesia (2015/2016)

Master scholarship in the following areas (Humanities - Engineering - Social studies - Education – Sciences).

Duration of the study:

8 months to study Indonesian language.

4 months to study preparatory courses.

24 months to master program.

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