About The Council

The National Council of Higher Education and Scientific Research consists of eighty six members , These members are the Minister of the Ministry of HESR as the chairman of this Council , the heads of the governmental universities’ councils , the Vice chancellors of governmental universities, the heads of trustee board and rectors of private universities, three private colleges, six undersecretaries of concerned Ministries ,five members interested in higher education and scientific research and the undersecretary of the MHESR as member and reportage .

The council holds its meeting periodically twice a year maximum. The importance of the NCHESR stem from coordination between universities and the ministry, with universities keeping their independence , planning ,supervision, determining the institutional relations ,laying down educational plans ,putting approaches to implement HE’s policies and the directives of the president of the republic and the government’s organs. Running the universities according to this policy is considered the ideal way which enables university to grow perfectly and it is rational solution for the criticism faced by the HESR’s revolution.

The NCHESR forms ten specialized, consultant and scientific committees in the following aspects.

          -   The Committee of Engineering Studies.

          -   The Committee of Education Studies.

          -   The Committee of Medical Studies.

          -   The Committee of Social and Economic Studies.

          -   The Committee of Basic Studies.

          -   The Committee of Law and Sharia Studies

          -   The Committee of Computer Studies.

          -   The Committee of Humanity Studies.

          -   The Committee of Scientific Research.

These committees help the council to conduct studies and researches, hold symposiums, conferences, workshops, study curriculums and courses, set up faculties in governmental and private universities, and to submit recommendation to the council for approval.
The Functions and the Powers of the council.

The council is responsible for laying down general policies, plans and programs of higher education and scientific research within the general policy of the government then supervising their implementation.

         1.  Determine the role of every HE’s institutions within policy, plans and programs.
         2.  Lay down the policy, rules and the numbers of the intake and affiliation in the higher education’s institutions.
         3.  Approval of the admission result to higher education and scientific research’s institutions.
         4.  Specify the minimum for required qualifications to appoint teachers and researchers. Approval of the rules and bases by which the employees appointed, promoted and held accountable and issue the regulations organizing all these.
         5.  Determine the rules and bases according to which the approval of the private institutions awarded.
         6.  Evaluate the performance of higher education and scientific research‘s institutions and review their reports.

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